Lorraine Kennedy


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September 16

Immortal Legacy 1

Dark Melody

How far would you go?

Nicole’s entire life changes the day her boss sends her to talk to the local rock musician and heartthrob, Alec Norwood to ask for his help. It doesn’t take long for Nicole to realize that Alec is a vampire and his music is as dark and sexy as his kiss is deadly.
Alec’s hunger for Nicole is out of control, but he would do anything to protect, even from himself.
Nicole is destined to a legacy that she cannot even begin to fathom and a love that is just as dark.

Immortal Legacy is a retelling of the Destiny story in the words of the characters. This series is a more detailed version of the story. Immortal Destiny, a condensed version of the story will still be available. 

This story unfolds over eight books.